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High Speed Disperser Mixer

Technological prowess and stability differentiated from other low-priced equipment! Continuous production of slurry is possible with A Mixer that can maximize output.

Container Capacity Throughput(Pass 30sec) Max. RPM Line Velocity
THDM-80-50 0.25L 0.5L/min 12,600 50m/sec
THDM-100-50 1L 2.0L/min 10,000 50m/sec
THDM-150-50 2L 4.0L/min 6,500 50m/sec
THDM-200-45 4L 8.0L/min 4,500 45m/sec
THDM-250-45 8L 16.0L/min 3,500 45m/sec
High Speed Disperser Mixing Line